Anyone signed up to a Matalan reward card?

Posted 9th Oct 2016
My brother got given a matalan reward card instore which promises a welcome voucher and a birthday voucher if you sign up and give them your email address.

Anyone signed up to one of these? What sort of voucher do you get?
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Usually 10% to 20% off. You'll also get special offers by email
All sorts, been given 25% off all items once. If you download the app onto your phone you can see all the discounts you can get. I just recently got 20% items (sale excluded) which is decent
I have a matalan card.
Think I did get a 20 (?)% off voucher when I first got it, but have never had any birthday vouchers etc from them
I got the black special vip card... It's the same card number as my old red one they like to make you feel special lol, load of rubbish as it just shows you the same offers as are in store if you get the app, pointless
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The pound membership card. I have one and it keeps all the riff raff out.
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