Anyone speak Japanese here? Need help with translating something

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I recently got a food item as a gift from Japan, but before eating it, I'd like to know whether it's suitable for vegetarians.

The ingredients are all in Japanese and I don't know what the food itself is to search on Google, so any help with translating the name of the product and ingredients would be much appreciated.



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Use google translate and take a picture of it
You've received a strange unidentifiable food item as a gift and you'd still be prepared to consume it?
It's already dead so Binning it is just insulting the poor animal/insect.
It says ‚white bean paste’ and it seems that ingredients are vegetarian. Google translate can work with the pictures.
inside is made from chestnuts, very sweet. Oishi
It is suitable for vegetarian, the outside just made from flour sugar water etc.

Is it a chick shaped snack?
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