Anyone speak Romanian?

I had a crash with a romanian and he damaged my car,
i have their phone number but when i just called, the lady could not speak english lol

The damage happened about a month ago and i was needing to ask if the Insurance company had been in touch with them
The car who went into me was very apologetic and said his wife spoke English....maybe im just speaking to the daughter i dont know but i could not understand lol

Do you speak English?
Is there anyone there that speaks english? are you the mum or daughter


I'd call thier insurance company and make sure they know about the accident or if you don't know who they are with call your insurance company and get them to get in touch with thier insurance company - as long as you have the reg?


on-line translator?

My OH had to tell a Romanian mother that her son had bumped his head, the only way he could do this was to type it into a on-line translator and they had a conversation that way - werid, I know but it worked.

Similar thing happened to me a couple of months back. I phone the number, but no answer at all. Tried for over the week and then reported to my insurance company with all the details and car reg. They delt with it all
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