anyone spotted any high street bedding deals?

Found 9th Mar 2006
This is a really quite lazy pathetic plea for some help!
I need to get some king size bedding i.e. quilt cover, fitted sheet and pillow cases, by tonight.
It's got to be from the high street and some quality bargains would be great.
So, has anyone spotted anything in the major shops? I can get to either Croydon or Brighton if anyone know's of a local shop.
In my defence, my laziness is 'cos one of my kids is off school with a virus and I'll only have time for a lightning SAS raid.


If you have a Dunelm Mill in your area then you can get some quite good bedding deals in there - my sisters bought a kingsize quilt cover with 2 pillow cases for £16.99 the other day, it's really nice and not at all cheap looking or scratchy.

Crydon or Brighton? Not the closest of towns for a "lightning" raid!

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Crydon or Brighton? Not the closest of towns for a "lightning" raid!

The magic of the train takes me from workplace Cryodon through Brighton to home.

Thanks clickelvis for the tip - very attractive designs. No shop nearby but might get something online.

It's a pleasure - Didn't even know they had a website though, thanks for that tip

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here you go you wont find … here you go you wont find cheaperhttp://www.studio-outlet.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=11&catalogId=10001&categoryId=10204&top=Y&showSubCategory=yes

That's my kind of pricing!
Designs are very appealling too.
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