Anyone staying awake for the Marquez v diaz?

    if so,predictions?


    Certainly still awake. Ladbrokes have Marquez at 2/7 so seems like he will win. Won't be watching though as no Sky Sports at work unfortunately...

    Whose cameron diaz fighting?

    Oops spam my thread

    I put a tenner on Diaz to win by KO/TKO/DQ @ 7/1

    Worth a wee cheeky I reckon although unlikely. My reasoning being that Marquez is 37, been in over 50 fights and have to come back down 9Ibs after the Floyd plummeting and history shows that there's always that one fight where legends with that many fights gets old overnight.

    This might be that. Plus in the first fight, Diaz was pushing marquez around for the first 5 rounds.

    Saying that am a huge Marquez fan so if he wins, I would be equally as happy!

    fights going pretty good... can't call it yet ! Diaz maybe.. ding ding round 6

    the first couple of fights were ok.. nothing to write home about - although one of them was stopped for no apparent reason? guy on the deck seemed ok to me??
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