Anyone still play Dreamcast? New post as I don't think you can "talk" on OP threads about other subjects...

    Bought a DC today. Anyone still play theirs? What games?



    they deleted the link to the ebay page not your post on the DS


    i never had a DC but played my mates once... the game was crazy taxi! so funnnnn!

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    That's handy! lol....Away to read up on forum etiquette! :whistling:


    i never had a DC but played my mates once... the game was crazy taxi! so … i never had a DC but played my mates once... the game was crazy taxi! so funnnnn!

    Crazy taxi, an excellent game.

    I might go to my local flea market to see if i can get a console and a game.

    What are they going for?

    There was never many good games for the Dreamcast. The best one i played was Sonic Adventures which was admittedly an awesome game. I still occasionally play on my Sega Megadrive; best console ever! Toejam & Earl - what a game!

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    About £20 with a few games. Cheaper just with the console and controller. The one I bought had 6 orig. games, 40 back up games and the gun. (£40) So I bought House of the dead 2 with gun on another auction. (£16) 2 guns :-D They seem to hold their price so will have a blast for a few weeks and hopefully source the Resident Evil set. I am really after Ikaruga :thumbsup:


    mega drive..... STREETS OF RAGE!!!!

    I've got one and a load of games but haven't used it in ages (going to sell it when I get round to it).

    Games I loved:

    Crazy Taxi 1 & 2
    Virtua Tennis
    Soul Calibur
    Power Stone 2
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
    Ferrari F355 Challenge
    Chu Chu Rocket
    Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

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    Nightswimmer,you've got some great games there! You'll get a few quid for it on you-know-where.
    I was curious and was reading up on the DC last night and today. There is STILL people playing Quake online! I think there is a lot of people who fall in love with consoles and that's it forever :thumbsup: to all you fanboys. There are certain games that some consoles have done and to get the best from the game I think need to be played on that console (mario kart for example) I have a few old consoles and I was thinking of getting the best games on the best consoles and setting up like a games room with them all connected ready to play...All this when I could just buy a PS3

    i had one , never used it much but the sound stoped working , i thought it was broken anyway got rid of it then got another one and the sound dont work on that either am i doing somthing wrong or is there a cable i should plug in somewhere?

    that is all.

    I still have mine and plenty of games. If I remember correctly it doesn't display properly on my Panasonic plasma so it's tucked away in the cupboard. Soul Calibur is still absolutely outstanding. Also have my Snes, Megadrive/Mega CD and Saturn too!

    i still have a spectrum 48k
    nintedo 64

    street fighter 2 on snes for me

    skies of arcadia, one of the best dc games, you can buy dc games online from gamestation for around £5

    marvel vs capcom 2 is an awesome game if you're into your beat em ups!

    We've still got a Dreamcast,most of the games we did have for it sold,I should get round to selling it really and any games that we got left.
    It was inspired me to get the internet,remember the Dreamkey disc and wiring it upto phoneline round my Mums cos we didn't have a landline.
    You should be able to pick up some games for it for a few quid.
    We had a Saturn too,that got a pain for getting games for it as nowhere sold them really eventually,all before times of internet when it was hard to buy certain things.

    i was still playing my dreamcast via VGA on my 50" tv until the controller ports blow this week! gutted as it was my first console bought it when the dropped the price to £100. got it with 4 games from game. just got some resistors to try fixing it. cant let my baby die! LOL
    console after that was a launch day PSP! that led me to preorder a PS3 when it was announced, but got sick of waiting with delays so got a PS2 to tide me over since then i've bought a gamecube, ps1, wii, gba, gba sp, gba micro, ds lite, psp slim, master system, megadrive, xbox, gp32, game gear, gameboy colour & n64! only 4 of which i've now not got!

    rigged up the Sega Mega Drive just yesterday so i could play sonic. My sister found it funny and slightly scary that i could still remember the music, sound effects and some item locations. Can't beat the classics.

    My Japanese DC blew up last year so I got a PAL/UK one shortly afterwards. Need to get round to playing on it again.

    What a great, underrated console. Some absolutely fantastic games out there, and of course can all be burnt to CD-R.


    Virtua TennisSoul Calibur

    Agreed! I thought toy commander was a pretty fun game though. kept me entertained for a while

    Btw, Dynamite Dekka II (Japanese) on the DC was such a fun multiplayer game that reminded me of lunchtimes at the arcade years ago. Shame it was so short, but there was tonnes of fun to be had!
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