Anyone studied or studying for a foundation degree?

I am thinking of applying to study for a Foundation Degree, this is 1 day a week for 2 years.
I work full time and have my employers backing to study i.e. Will give me the time off. Obviously I am worried about the workload, has anyone any realistic idea how much time is involved in study and research?
The subject is:Teaching and Learning.
Thanks for any help given.


Im just finishing off a three year foundation degree in housing.

My work paid for the course and gave me a day off each week to go to college as well as the mileage to get there.

Problem was my workload just built up as I was then doing five days work in four days. The stress level gets rediculous!!

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Well done!

Thankyou for the honesty-I am really worried about the amount of work involved,have the appliation form ready to fill in, permission from my boss and having a last minute panic. I will have to attend on a Tuesday which bothers me a bit as it feels like I will start something on a Monday then have to go back and pick things up after a day away.

Honestly you become to resent the fact that when assignments are due you end up giving up weekends etc to get it done. Usually around January and June assignments are due which can put a dampner on Christmas Celebrations.

BUT it is worth it in the end!

You will find that the lecturers will give you plenty of advice and honestly the assignments arent that hard - you only need a 40 to pass and as long as you answer the questions and dont fall into the trap of competing with other students youll be fine.

In terms of workload you wont get any homework just probably around 6 assignments to do each semester (two semesters each year) and these assignments can take the form of reports, presentations or what you will have to do a 'project'. Most assignments are aroudn 1500-2000 words and the project is around 5000

I finished a foundation degree in humanities and social studies a few years back. I had to do two nights a week over 2 years and I was also working full time during the day from monday to friday. The work can get hard if you let it build up, just try and keep on top of it and try to always make sure that you don't leave your assignments to the last minute.

completed my foundation degree in multimedia design 2 years ago, best years of my life so far

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Thank you all, I really appreciate the honesty regarding time and involvement, Have come to the conclusion I HAVE to give it a go otherwise I will always wonder...........................Congratulations and well done to you all for your hard work and perseverance, I admire you for what you ave achieved.
Good luck for the future.

I have done one in business. Its not too bad if you are organised. I struggled because i became lazy, and was more concerned with having a laugh. I ended up doing all nighters all the while.

Id say if u are organised, dont worry about it. Good luck.
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