Anyone swapped there Samsung s8 for the s9?

Found 16th Mar 2018
Just wondering if anyone has swapped there Samsung s8 for the s9 and would recommend it
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I was going to but decided it wasn't worth it as the difference is minimal. Looks exactly the same, only difference is camera and higher spec.

I ended up getting a pixel 2 XL instead
I assume you still have 12 months left on your contract? (Unless you bought yours outright) I don't think it's worth the upgrade. I myself have S8+ and had thought about it, but honestly, this is an amazing handset so 12 more months will be easy to cope with. By time your contract is up there will be another handset available for you to upgrade to. Camera on the S8 and S8+ is pretty awesome anyway
If I was going to upgrade from my S8+, I would go for the Pixel 2XL.
First time for me that I'm really happy to keep a handset for 2yrs without selling it when an upgrade releases. That's not because I think their is anything wrong with the S9.. I just don't see much of an upgrade. And I think waiting until the 10 to upgrade will be worthwhile as I'm expecting something a bit special.
Still have my S7 Edge going strong.

The S8 and S9 seem pretty much the same so if you have the S8 no point upgrading at this round.
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