Anyone taken a new mobile phone contract recently? Any recommendations?

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Found 26th Apr 2011
Afternoon all.

Just been browsing around for a new mobile contract but haven't seen any amazing deals so far - just wondered if anyone else has seen any?

Looking for around 1000 minutes and some decent internet, not too fussed about texts and I don't need a new phone... anyone?

Thanks x

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Doesn't look like anything comes close to the Three deal
* 2,000 minutes
* 5,000 texts
* 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes
* All-you-can-eat Data
for £25 sim only for 12 months or £27 for 24 months if I want a Blackbery Curve 9300.

Don't suppose any can tell me what Three's coverage is like these days? I am in London
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