Anyone traded fifa 10,and world at war in at asda if so how much?

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Found 10th Oct 2010
hey guys my son is looking to get fifa 11 for the 360 and wants to trade both these in.

game offered me £4 for fifa,but i thought i read somewhere asda were offering £15 quid for fifa and £16 for world at war

anyone traded in either of these games,if not do you know how much hmv is offering


asda certainly WERE giving 15 for fifa-not sure if they still are tho

Someone set up a thread just for asda trade in prices. However due to random way the HUKD search engine works I can't find it.

Fifa 10 deffo £15 last week at ASDA
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Pretty sure ASDA updated their pricing for fifa the following friday.. probably about £15 for both if selling to companys.

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cheers for the replys guys

found the asda thread somone made

looks like £12 for fifa 10 and £14 for world at war....pretty good i reckon…=40

P.S the search function in here is awful and getting worse...get it sorted out


thats brill if true.. alot better than places like CEX,GAME etc would offer.

always worth checkin hmv nowadays too, they can be pretty competitive on sum random games gta go instore though
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