Posted 16 February 2024

anyone tried Cehency 167W 6-Port GaN USB C Travel Multi Fast Charger?…c=1
With 19% off and further 30% voucher, comes in at £25.89 - seems a very good price and good reviews?

Anyone tried it?
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  1. bozo007's avatar
    The longer 5-star reviews look like they were paid for. But I am tempted to try it given that the price is just under £26 after the 30% voucher. By the way, the maximum output from a single port is 65W, and that's just one port. (edited)
  2. TeaTimeTales's avatar
    Shame it can't do 100w on a single port. The price is tempting though. I paid that much for a 85w hub about 4 years ago.
  3. HALXOX's avatar
    cheers both
    it just arrived, so far so good!
  4. Robot_Cat_Dave's avatar
    Fakespot gives the reviews a B - so they are probably genuine.
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