Anyone tried pilates?

    Being disabled I find all exercise virtually impossible, but I was wondering if Id beable to do pilates as from what ive seen its two rings that you swing round your arms, like a hoola hoop, anyway has anyone tried it, is that what you do? and does it do any good? thanks



    "Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles."

    Go on you tube, it's a load of different exercises mostly bending slapping your **** with your feet type stuff. Did it in France was only bloke there with my girlfriend…Opo


    i did the tummy one and it knackered me within the 1st two minutes - lol



    i did the tummy one and it knackered me within the 1st two minutes - lol

    did you blow off?

    pilate does not normally involve rings,unless you use the pilates reformer

    try searching here for an instructor in your area who may be able to help you



    did you blow off?

    does that mean fart? if so i dont do things like that

    much :oops:

    Original Poster

    thanks guys, all i want/can do is the arm exercises with the rings, anyone done anything like that?

    i think it is meant to be really good for toning so the arm ones would be good for you have you tried the resistance bands they are good for your arms the times was giving them away free if you signed up to their healthclub

    Damn! I misread the thread title! I thought this was asking if anyone had tried being a pirate

    did it in pregnacny and i didnt enjoy it...was boring....but then i dont have the patince for things like pilates or yoga,.... some people love it....i think any form of excericse is good and u need to find what u enjoy.....

    I thought she meant power plates...I'm not going to tell you what happens when I use that. :oops:

    Maybe you should try that out, as anyone can do it. :thumbsup:
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