Anyone tried the European Directive 2 year warranty with carphone warehouse?

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Found 20th Sep 2010
As above really. Daughters mobile phone screen died (not cracked, not fuzzy, just dead) phone looks ok, certainly no sign of major trauma and a quick google brings up a lot of the same complaint. Phone broke exactly 1 year after we gave it to her (on her birthday, so you can see why we are so precise!) so obviously (just) out of manufacturers warranty.

European directive 1999/44/EC however gives you a 2 year warranty (with the burden of proof staying with the retailer for the whole length of it).

Phone comes from carphone warehouse, so I just wanted to know if anyones tried it with them? Was it successful? What level did they talk to to get the repair? I'm assuming it might be recognised at store manager level, but may need to go higher than that. Would welcome a shortcut!


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We had same thing happen last year, didnt manage to get anywhere and eventually we gave up. We spoke to all sorts of managers and each one promised that if we took it into store they would sort, but never did. We took it for independant review who said that phone had been badly damaged by poor repair (which was carphone warehouse) but CPW denied responsibility and said we had obviously tried to have it repaired ourselves. Would never buy from them again tbh.

Sony, HTC and Nokia do offer a 2 year warranty. You just need to contact their CS.

Most CPW staff wouldn't have a clue, you could spend weeks arguing with them...

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LG, which seem to just do a 1 year one...

samsung is 2 as well

I don't think European Directives will help you because, as I understand it, they are just 'recommendations' of laws to be brought into EU countries and it's up to the individual country to write it into law in their own way. I'm guessing this hasn't been done yet so therefore there is nothing in UK law stating your are entitled to a 2 year warranty.

You could always try the Sale of Good Act, which has that nice and vague clause of goods being "fit for purpose".

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samsung is 2 as well

Now your just rubbing salt in the wound!:p
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