Anyone tried these sweets or know any high streets that sell them?…678

    Tried some the other day and they were very funny....

    I had a black pepper one and a vomit flavoured which was an experience! Quite surprising how similar they taste to the real thing.


    Quite surprising how similar they taste to the real thing.

    and u know HOW?!?

    house of fraser........

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    and u know HOW?!?

    I put pepper on my food and although super human i have also vomited!

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    house of fraser........


    tk maxx sell them, cheaper than everywhere else to

    yeah last time i checked lol

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    anyone else tried them?

    selfridges would sell these, but they would be at some ridiculous price!!

    When i used to work in selfridges food hall i was amazed at the stuff people used to by and the prices they were paying. Esp this stuff below:

    In HOF they have some sort of pick-a-mix so you can pick the ones you like (also try before you buy if you know what i mean lmao)

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    ha who actually picks bogey flavour and vomit etc

    Selfridges they seem to sell allsorts of strange sweets

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    Thanks not really keen on going to London to get some ha

    Found that hawkins bazaar do them so will go to get some from there!

    I buy them from Debenhams, my kids love em too. They do the small tube for £2.50. :-D
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