Anyone understand Fortnite?

Posted 16th Jun 2020
I am looking at selling our PS4 now before eBay is flooded with them, the only concern is if my son plays Fortnite on the Nintendo switch will all his skins etc that he's purchased transfer over from the PS4?

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Log in to epic website and make sure the PS4 login is linked to same account as the switch..
As above, but after the link check you have them all, I used my account on laptop and pc and it didn’t sync properly and lost days of game play and items.
As above.

So the process is: when you first start fortnite on the Switch, it will ask if you already play fortnite, say yes, and the wizard will walk you through the rest.
i download and delete too much for me for the brain to take makeing stuff.
yes, it occurs every 14 days
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