Anyone up on how to get the best travel deal? Bognor to Wakefield and back?

    Hi everyone!

    One of our friends is living on Bognor and we haven't seen him for ages as we're all brassic. My mum saved us the Daily Mail Virgin train vouchers which will get him from London to Manchester for £7. I am supposed to be posting him a list of train times and how much it will cost to get there, etc (promised it Monday..) but to be honest I'm flummoxed. We haven't anything booked as yet, I think we have a while on the Daily Mail/Virgin ones yet though?

    Are there any rail/travel deal experts out there who might be able to help please?

    We're dying to get him up here as he's one of my husbands oldest friends and he hasn;t seen our second daughter (now one!) at all :o( We've all been so skint we just haven;t been able to afford it. He hasn't any transport or easy access to a phone either so it makes it a bit more difficult.

    ALL advice welcomed. Or if anyone is coming from Bognor to Wakey for a few days...any chance you can fit another passenger in..???

    Thanks folks, I'm sat with finger's crossed. It's all so complicated it makes my head hurt!



    there a national rail planner to get your started,you put in your destinations and it tell you how many changes,length etc.

    Brassic what does that mean? Some Yorkshire slang?

    Brassic means skint........maybe it's a northern thing,I'm a Lancs lass and we use it all the time(always brassic!!):cry:

    Yeh it probably is,am from North East but been down South since I was 9 and never heard it.

    It may be cheaper(and easier) to travel by coach or just book a ticket from Bognor to wakefield,rather than make use of the virgin ticket.

    For example,just having a quick look on the network rail website,an advance saver for bognor to wakefield works out at £53(I used the dates fri 29/2 return mon 3/3) £26.50 for each journey

    The coach option ]http//ww…400 works out a bit cheaper(from about £42) though it may take longer.

    Going from bognor to london to manchester to wakefield is a bit of a zigzag and I doubt you will save much by doing it that way.

    I found this on MSE a few weeks back..useful to know...

    Instead of buying tickets for the whole journey, buying tickets for its constituent parts separately can bizarrely slash the price – even though you're travelling on exactly the same train.

    This is within the National Rail Conditions of Carriage and has been confirmed by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC); the only rule is that the train must call at the stations you've bought tickets for.

    How big's the saving… 75% cheaper from London to Penzance

    As an example, for London to Penzance the cheapest ticket was a standard open return at £234. This train stops in Bristol, so then I checked separate ticket prices. By buying four singles: London to Bristol, Bristol to Penzance and then for the return Penzance to Bristol and Bristol to London; the total cost was £79, a saving of £155. And remember this is for the same trip, on the same train, which you needn't get off!

    How to find split ticket bargains

    It normally takes about ten minutes to check, but it's worth doing.

    First get the price for the standard journey; without this you won't know if you can save.

    Find out where the train stops. This info is available on the timetables section of the National Rail website, but a much easier method is to use the Transport Direct journey planner; just click on the train icon after you receive your route to see where it stops.

    Now check the ticket prices for the different combinations. If the train stops at lots of places then there's a huge combination of available tickets. However to save time just try the system, split ticketing via one or two main stops.


    Try National Express Funfare, or megabus. Both offer cheap travel.
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