anyone use a FM transmitter for a mp3 player

    Im looking for a simple cheap fm tranmitter for the Zen i have

    anyone reccommend one.

    also what should i avoid - should i go for cheap stuff on ebay?


    I got a £6 one on eBay. Works a treat.


    Jet petrol stations are doing one for £6.99, one of their hot deals

    I bought mine a while back, probably much cheaper on FleaBay now.

    Get a digital one, the belkin one is good I think. I've had a few but the digital one that does the whole spectrum and turns off automatically rather than waste the batteries is the way to go!

    i got one for my ipod nano which means this info is pointless to you! But anyway it was quite funny because the wrong label got put on it, and instead of £20, it was £8. I had to buy it lol
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