Anyone use a mobile phone for internet

    I'm looking for a new phone, does anyone have any advice on getting a new phone that can do browsing, email and msn chat




    What are your other requirements?

    I'd point you in the direction of the HTC Wizard and its derivatives, that's the XDA Mini S, T-mobile MDA Vario/II etc. It's not as big as a full blown PDA but it packs in the best qwerty keyboard I've used on a device of this size, has GPRS and wi-fi connectivity, touchscreen Windows interface for IE, Opera MSN etc.


    i used to have the spv500 till i broke it - all there phones are good with browsing. thats what i mainly used it for. i also used it to connect the laptop to the net at fairly good speeds!!

    SPV500, whats that?
    There's the C500 if thats what you meant?

    For MSN, I think you need a keyboard! Get a PPC, Johnmcl7's advice is good

    as John says
    I use Xda Mini S

    I recently bought the LG U300 from Its free line rental for 12 months and has msn, email etc. Nice small 3G phone also.

    Agree with ]Johnmcl7. I have MDA Vario on T-Mobile web-n-walk (or whatever they call it). Unfortunately it is GPRS/EDGE only, so browsing is slow. But it works
    Very good piece of kit.
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