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Hi, everyone,

I'm thinking of switching broadband ISP, currently with adsl24 and I've been getting nothing but connection drops, I used to be with UKFSN both resellers for Enta, with UKFSN i had no connection problems but they changed their pricing so I moved.

I'm looking to move over to Bethere (Pro Package)

Is anyone with them who can tell me what their service is like, I download about 150-180gb per month off and on peak.

Btw cable is not an option as we dont have it installed on our street


Been with them about 2 years on an 8 meg connection. Get a good 8.5 (but don't them ). We're less than half a mile from the exchange though...

Never had a problem, I think there was one point where we lost it for half an hour when they were upgrading something, but apart from that first rate.

I download about 100 gig a month...

Be uses the same network as O2 Broadband, if fact it's owned by them/Telefonica So as well as looking for reviews of O2 (there are alot more of them) you'll probablly find you might get a better package from them (including cashback and free months). O2 customers get a discount, even on prepay


they are great!

I'm with them on Be unlimited 24meg, get about 15meg downstream due to distance from exchange.

Hardly ever have any outages or signal drops

I'm with them. On the down side, tey do seem to have fairly regular DNS foul-ups which leave you without website access for periods of up to around 10 minutes, but MSN still functions during that time, so it's no major issue. On the plus side, I connect at 22mpbs, download at 2.4MB/s, and after a couple of years, still feel giddy with excitement at how fast and good it all is. Definitely recommend it.



All problems solved with.... OpenDNS.

Can anyone access [url][/url] I'm having problems at the moment

i've been with Be from january, £17.50 a month for the 24 Mbps unlimated package, i get 18.3 Mbps average down stream, 1.3Mbps up, never had a problem with them

Is this an LLU service?


Is this an LLU service?

SMPF (1/2 LLU)

Original Poster

Hi everyone, thanks for all your replies, I decided to go for be and got a £24 amazon voucher offer etc, went for the £17 unlimited package.

It all seems fine however just wondering what you guys are using router wise? are you using the bebox? (Thompson router in my case) or your own?

I've managed to get it to work with my Draytek Vigor 2800G after a hours of messing about and playing with firmware but it keeps dropping and reconnecting with that so I've gone back to the thompson Bebox.

I've asked around on the bethere forums but theres not much willing to help


I use the BeBox one, seems ok, i use xbox live a lot and it says my NAT is closed and i struggled to find any support as to how to unrestrict it

Sancho sorry if i'm stating the obvious:Have you forwarded the xbox port, If not,go here for walk through guide You will have to find out who makes your router,I'm with o2 & my router is a thomson585.I found this out by googling o2wirelessbox2.
You will have to set up a static i.p if you dont already have one,It's all explained on this helps..
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