Anyone use Blink security cameras?

Found 10th Jan
Hi there I’m hoping you guys can help.

Long story short: there’s been a security breach in my garden today that has highlighted two things to me - 1) my neighbour has a nutter as an ex/girlfriend and 2) my garden is vulnerable.

I’ve been meaning to get cameras for a while so this has lit a bit of a rocket!

I like the sound of the Blink system as it seems so easy to get up and running. But I’d like to know a couple of things...

- can you set motion detection to on/off on different cameras independently as I’d like the outdoor ones set to detect permanently but indoor ones obviously not when were in. But I would like to be able to check in on them in my son’s playroom and bedroom at will with no faff.

- When using IFTTT with the system can you isolate the ‘if’ of a particular camera? I’d like an indoor light to come on when a particular camera is triggered to simulate someone having heard something in a particular area of the house.

Any help much appreciated.
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Cameras are nice idea but there always seems a latency when they use motion detection and upload to cloud I think honk a dvr is probably still best way. Seems to me most cameras miss stuff as motion detection slow or latency when uploading or mailing images
I didn't think the blink Xt were in sale in the UK yet ?
I fancied them last year but don't like how they never get reduced in price over here yet in the US they seem to be on offer every other week.
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