Anyone use Blockbusters? How much to rent Lost?

    Hi all. I admit being highly addicted to Lost, just finishing Season 1.

    I am with Lovefilm but am so fed up having to wait for the next disc to come LOL!

    Does anyone know how much it would be to rent Lost season 2 from Blockbuster, for how many episodes in one go (like would it be in 2 halves?) and how long I could keep them for?

    I have a membership card lying around somewhere but haven't a clue on their prices



    It's usually £7 per series and you can keep them for a week.

    Make sure the copies they have are the full series though, sometimes they are half season if the full season boxset hasn't been released yet

    my blockbuster has them think its a fiver to rent for a week full series

    i guess you dont you have cable? we watched it on demand

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    i guess you dont you have cable? we watched it on demand


    Thank you for your input!

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    Do the prices very according to the store?


    Do the prices very according to the store?

    I think they vary on how new they are

    Give them a ring (you'll be able to see if they stock it too as the small ones like mine don't have a wide selection)

    Store finder, enter your postcode in the box on the right, it brings up the location and phone number.…spx


    OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh :pThank you for your input!

    I think she means if you're with Virgin they have it on on demand for free to watch all 4 series.
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