Anyone use blyk for free calls and texts

    Can anyone confirm theres no age varification if you get an invite from a registered user?

    Someone promised me one but im still waiting for it..........


    i've sent it you......twice!! are you sure its not in your spam ?

    Original Poster

    still not received it!

    o btw there is an age verification

    just sent another invite

    hi could you send me an invite pleassssssssse with give rep in return :-D

    i tried to use blyke but i couldn't get it to work on my Motorola razr

    Original Poster

    got it thanks, still wants driving licence number oh well lol

    When i signed up my kids to blyk i had to enter either passport ot driving licence details to verify they were were in the right age bracket ( 16-24 yr olds)

    If anyone wants any invites PM me with your email address and i will send them out i have at least 10 invites available at this moment


    got it thanks, still wants driving licence number oh well lol

    just to let you know your driving licence number is basically your surname and then your date of birth in a mixed order, im sure you can work it out to make you 16 - 24


    i've PM'd you also

    Thanks, rep added

    (p.s to the other guy you have pm's disabled so couldnt tell you i already got one!)
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