Anyone use BT as their ISP and noticed anything different about their connection since Sept 30th???

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Found 1st Oct 2008
BT is trialling Webwise - a process which intercepts your browsing - on several thousand of it's customers.

You SHOULD have had a page popup when you log on, asking whether you want Webwise or not.

You may also have noticed that web pages have started taking slightly longer to repond.

Sound familiar to anyone using BT as their ISP?

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yesterday?, not really noticed any diff but as router is still logged on not sure if it applies to reconnections

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Webwise analyses the sites you visit for keywords to see what you are interested in.

When you visit a site carrying advertising which is driven by the Webwise data, you get served targeted adverts.

If you OWN a site it means your web pages (your intellectual property), which are served to visitors using BT as their ISP, are intercepted, altered (to include a cookie that APPEARS to come from you) and served to your visitor.

BT will make money from this data which they are obtaiing without your (the owner's) consent. Shouldn't you get paid as well?

There are a lot of techies (including a lot of clever ones) who think the interception of your data is a Bad Idea.

And an especially Bad Idea when BT's partner is Phorm, a company which is tainted with a history in the stealthy installation of advertising malware and concealing it with rootkits.

BT tell you Webwise is a good idea saying it means the adverts you will see are tailored to your interests and that Webwise can help protect you against phishing attacks. The techies say this protection is inherent in the internet tools most people use.

Find out about the thing here form sources independent from BT:






and lastly, the analysis carried out by Dr Claydon, an acknowleged authority on Internet technology:



i have bt and all seems well to me

they start serving me with adverts and they can kiss goodbye to a new 12mth contract, not paying good money for bandwidth they steal back

If you use BT you may also be interested in this tread..
BT Openzone's Wi-Fi roaming deal with The Cloud will end on Thursday 2 October 2008…wi/

You missed this one.....…spx

Read about it a while ago, more ******* surveillance to add to your daily quota.

Your warned if you are selected to be part of the trial, as yet it is only a trial and not every BT customer is on phorn (yet) If I didn't get my BT broadband for free, I'd leave over this when it does get the full roll out.

I've only heard / read a little about this but it goes without saying that secure sites will be unaffected by this (ones using SSL).

The only way to decline the invitation permanently is to “set all your browsers to block cookies from the domain".…ece

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I've only heard / read a little about this but it goes without saying … I've only heard / read a little about this but it goes without saying that secure sites will be unaffected by this (ones using SSL).

Yeah. you normally send your data secure, but so often the site responds with a "confirmation Page". All those nice data fields disappear and your details are returned as straight text

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Even if you opt out (And why the hell should you do that? If the thing was actually any good folk would be queueing up to opt IN) your data still passes thru th Phorm server, I understand.

It's just that Phorm/BT promisees it won't peek

And one can trust that exactly how much?

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