Anyone use CPW Group Auto Cashback?

    About to order two contracts for my parents from e2save and or OSPS using auto cashback.
    I have used both e2save and OPSP before and always got my cashback but just wondering of it is rally as simple as it sounds - they just send the cash after 2-3 months.

    Anyone actually used this method - does it work as above?





    I havent done the auto cahsback, but i have had two contracts with cPW and cashback deals, sending in bills 4, 8 and 12 and have never had a problem with them

    yes i had auto cashback deals few time and i received my auto cashback withen 60 days automaticaly
    Do not had to send anything
    it is really simple

    Original Poster

    saasie - I have have had several contracts with them in the past and have always got my cashback , but the last two were getting hard work, hence why we are now with Virgin Media £10/month deal.

    Munir - thanks for the info, hopefully the orders go through now! £10/month for mix/match 300 with 300 mins extra to 3 numbers will suit my folks for now.


    I was going to start a topic like this but wanted to know about e2save automatic cashback. Any info on that (i know they're owned by the same people)
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