Anyone use ebay and can help me with a query?

    Last Wednesday i won a pink Vsmile with games, i paid straight away with paypal.

    Ive just got back from a few days away to find a msg from the seller. She said paypal are holding the money for the Vsmile until i leave her positive feedback on ebay. She has asked me to leave positive feedback before she posts the item as she said she cant afford to post it otherwise!

    Shes recently receieved a negative feedback from someone saying after the aution has finished she decided to sell to someone else instead.

    Can anyone help? I dont want to leave feedback incase if will effect something if she doesnt post the item... shall i just ignore the msg and see what happens?

    Ive tried to find an email addy to email ebay but it keeps telling me to ring them but dont want to use our phone bill to sort her problem out..

    ARGH!!! Ebay! i always read so many bad things and dont buy or sell on there but every now and again ill see something and buy it... Never had any probs with ebay and have nearly 500+ 100% positive feedback and things like this make me think twice about using it again


    Whatever you do, don't leave feedback before you receive an item. It is their responsibilty to get the item to you.

    It seems obvious what could happen. You leave feedback, she gets the money and then never posts the item.


    dont leave feedback before you have them item! they will basically say youve got the item and will prob scam you

    Dont leave feedback until you have the item, the rule is there to protect buyers i guess she is newish to Ebay that's why the hold her funds until the buyer receives them


    leave it

    I would no way leave her feedback before receiving the item, the likelihood then of her saying you received it is inevitable and you havent got a leg to stand on

    i wouldnt leave any feedback until you get your item especially if she has already recieved negative just contact ebay and ask whats going on as you cant leave f/b for a product until its in your possession!


    and how did you leave rep ...


    and how did you leave rep ...

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    LOL was just on my way to leave rep and found out the anwer :-/ lol



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    Thanks to you all anyways! Nice to see lots of lovely people here to help!

    If the seller is new to selling with ebay , paypal will usually hold on to the funds until the seller has posted out the product and positive feedback has been given by the buyer.
    Do not under any circumstances give good feedback before recieving the product or you will be waving goodbye to your money.!
    Claim your money back through paypal, your the buyer . You'll have no trouble getting it back!


    Tell her to not live on the bread line, postage costs nothing.

    Please tell me where i can post things for nothing?

    what was the item number so we can have a look

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    Just noticed i won it tuesday not wed so its been a week

    Don't leave the feedback. It is the sellers issue.
    I would be filing item not received and leaving a Neg. That's incredibly poor form to try and pull that one!

    i see looking at her f/b she sold the wii to a friend, why go through with an auction til the end! i wouldnt trust her she should by rights post it out to you 1st i would tell her you will leave f/b after you have got your item and if she,s not happy take it up with ebay you are in the right

    Put in a pay pal dispute and escalate to a claim now...then neg the seller....they look a bit suspicious

    phone paypal and tell them whats happened and tell them you want your money back - this happened to me and this is what I did and paypal returned my money : )

    apparently if u buy the postage online for an item using ebay/paypal buy online thing and print it out yourself it comes out of the money thats being held, tell her to do that.

    There should be a link to email Ebay as I did this a few months ago. go to Contact Us and say you didn't receive item. There are then links to each question and you eventually get through to a bit to say your piece and its sent to them that way without having to phone. I explained it all in the questions they asked me and they got it all sorted out within days. Please DO NOT leave feedback before receiving the item. Ebay will sort it out for you.

    She may be telling the truth as new sellers have to get pos feedback before they can get the funds from PP but that is not your problem nor is the fact she can't afford to post it. I wouldn't leave pos feedback as you will have no redress if she does stiff you.



    Please tell me where i can post things for nothing?

    if the seller can't afford a couple of quid to post an item, they must be very poor. if that is the case they shouldn't even have internet access or a computer.


    I had some problems on Ebay with a couple of sellers. I would tell the seller that I want the item posted ASAP. Paypal has nothing to do with positive or negative feedback. If you leave the positive feedback it means that you received the item and you are happy with it. Take care to make all the communication by ebay (via your account send message to seller) and not personal emails. In the mean time I would open a dispute with Paypal, you have that option in your Paypal account. If by any chance you receive the item you can close the dispute any time.
    Anyway if you don't receive the item you should leave negative feedback to help others, that's why feedback is used.
    Don't be afraid to open a dispute, it is the easiest way to sort things out, and very important send all your messages by Ebay.
    Good luck.

    Hi, Sorry to hear your having problems. Don't leave positive feedback because as it stands they deserve a negative. You can still open a dispute and get a refund after leaving positive feedback but in this case i wouldn't recommend it. When opening a dispute it's better to use ebay because they don't take as long as paypal to make a decision and issue a refund. Ebay takes roughly 12 days and paypal takes about 30 days. Good luck :-)
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