Anyone use love film ?

    Anyone on here use love film regularly? what are they like are they good? what package is best?


    The free trials are the best package

    ^^^^^^ what he said - there is a 2 month free trial code on here which i am in the middle of using !

    the top package which i am on for the 2 months gets you 3 discs in your home at once and as many as you can get through in the month -
    i have on my wish list loads of blu-rays and PS3 games and have been getting them quite regularly... just waiting for my latest dispatch to arrive with in the next day or so!

    in addition to above post - try this link for the voucher -…593

    new users only !!

    we've been using them for over 2 years, not sure what we pay as hubby sorted it out but we get games and dvd's twice a week if we get through them and send them back, never had a problem with them, even when the weather was bad they emailed and told us they wouldnt charge us this month as we'd not had the dvd's. excellent in my book.

    Can you use the streaming service on the free trial?

    I think I saw a 9.99 unlimited pack, but wanted to try it out first - from what I can tell, they don't have the latest movies on the streaming service?

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    Thanks for the comments guys, I am signing up now with the free 2 month trial, arcangel111 I cant seem to find that package you are on, I also have a blu ray player with the built in lovefilm so will need to give that a try too,

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    Also what package am I on whilst using the trial ?

    i have a ps3 and bravia internet tv, so i tested out the love film apps,
    the films available to watch now 'stream' are terrible!!!

    great post

    They give you 2 months free trial worth £37.98 - the full package costs £18.99 a month so you just tick the maximum one they do.
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