Anyone use Neteller?

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Found 9th Oct 2007
I signed up with them in order to receive some bingo winnings from BingoLiner, but just as they (bingoliner) have sent the payment, I have got this email to say they (neteller) have put a hold on my account

Your NETELLER account has been placed on a temporary hold. In order to open your account, we required a telephone call to verify your identity. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach you at the telephone number you provided.

Please contact us by Email or Live Chat to provide us with an approximate time and phone number in which you will be available.

My fault, I did put in a fake phone number when I signed up (as I always do when possible, I HHAAAATE giving out my home phone number online) but it didn't say any where that they were going to call, other wise I'd have put the real one in obviously

Has any one else had this happen? Ever since I got the email NETeller has been down, which is bloody useless, and I haaaate talking on the phone (I actually feel sick with nerves about it, it's that bad!!). Does any one know what they will want to know from me on the phone, so I can have the info ready? Will they ring a mobile number if I give it, or do they need my home phone? Are these guys legit, or are they just trying to rob my £50 and gonna give me no end of hassle trying to get it?

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I work for NETeller and i shall ring you. I need all your vital statistics and 6 A4 Glossy photo's of you before i release your £50. :thumbsup:

Or i could be lying and not have the foggiest. :oops:

I've had a neteller account for a few years now and I remeber the first time I tried to withdraw they did the same to me. It's a quick 2 minute call to confirm a few details. They have never phoned me again since so don't worry about marketing calls etc.

Hope this helps
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