Found 21st Aug 2008
OK with the credit crunch doom going around I'm having to cut back on all the joys of life and my broardband connection is next on the list to sort out.

I've been with plusnet (previously force9) for ages now & am very happy with the speedservice and lack of disconnects but for this I am paying £14.99 a month.

We have a £15 a month O2 mobile contract so from thier website it seems I can get a similar package for £7.50 a month.

I play quite a bit of online poker & Xbox live so am pretty worried about loosing connection while in the middle of a tourney or game but high downloadupload speeds are not really that much of a problem.

What are your experiances of O2 in this respect - is it any good?

The fair usage policy seems to be pretty standard and at the mo I have unlimited off peak but only 4gb peak which is a pain for Xbox live demo's which you can't schedule - grrrr

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Been with them now for about 5 months.
Down time about 20 mins on day but sorted very fast.
Speed, I pay for 10mB but have received speeds well in excess of this
Downdloading and games. I watch films and TV online and never had a problem. My wife on the same wireless connection doing the same with no noticeable difference.

^^^^ what he said pay for 8mb get around 10-12 on downloads, very reliable, fair usage policy is good, I use about 200gb+ most months with no throttling by them (although I dont download in the evenings (from 4pm til 11pm). Customer service is good, very little downtime too, got the odd bit when we first connected (well quite a bit of dropped connections over 100 in a day, but a firmware update to the router sorts this). Very happy with the service and would more than be glad to recommend.

What above two said....... I cant rate them highly enough.


whats a 'broardband'

Original Poster

whats a 'broardband'

lol - helpful that

For the rest of you - thanks guys - I think I'll give it a try & see how it goes.


been with o2 for 6 months - had two vry short DNS related problems that meants service was disrupted but other than that spot on and their freephone customer service are actually really good!
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