Anyone use pampers nappies? Have they changed?


    Since our youngest was born ( she's now 20months!) we have used various brands of nappies, mainly Pampers and Asda or Boots own brand. (cos we have both an asda and boots on our way home from work!)

    Anyway, we haven't used Pampers fo a few months but last week we bought one of the big boxes of size 5. Now we have used a few, we have noticed they seem to smell funny - like a pungent, clinical smell, after being on for about 10 minutes or so. This even occurs even before they have been well..... "used"

    Is this normal for pampers? We have used a Boots one just now and it didn't smell so it can't be nothing our little one is "doing", if you know whadda mean.

    Or am I just imagining it? i.e. going nuts....


    im so glad i have just read this as the same is happening with my little girls nappies, i actually thought something was wrong with her. i had been using huggies and asda own brand but morrisons had the offer on the pampers so grabbed a few packets and since sing them i noticed the smell. my daughter is 19 months and the pampers were size 4.5 active fit

    was it the active fit you were using?

    Yes - but only the Active Fit we found smelled funny plus they gave her a sore bottom. Went back to Baby Dry ones and they're fine.

    bossyboots;8592052 remembered this was posted up a wee while ago

    Yep, I started that post about how terrible the new active fit are.
    I phoned up pampers and got my money back and will not be buying the again :thumbsup:

    I stick to Asda's own now ... they're fantastic and baby seems to like them more. 3 packs for £10 I think. (about 100 nappies?)

    I use Pampers baby dry and never had a problem I find Tesco brand best of the rest.

    Original Poster

    We bought pampers normal, not the active ones. Think we'll go back to asda own - hopefully she will be out of them soon!

    At least i know now we ain't imagining it.

    I bought these last week!! and my little girl has terible nappy rash!! never had it before!! i wonder if its these nappys that are causing it!! i have used them before but think they might be the old type as i had stocked up on them in the sale!!x

    i use pampers baby dry for my LO and never had a problem, used active fit once and threw them away they were the worst nappies ever

    something about this coming up on Watchdog
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