Anyone use Quidco to purchase a washing machine/freezer from Currys PC World?

Found 21st Dec 2017
Bit of a stretch, but fingers crossed:

I'm trying to find out what the cashback rates were at the end of September. So far as I can recall, they were offering 3% plus an exclusive £30 cashback per purchase for washing machines and freezers/fridge freezers.

I purchased one of each. The tracked cashback amounts did not tally at the time, and the cashback on both purchases has now been declined. When chasing this up with Quidco, they deny there was a 3% rate and £30 cashback offer, listing only the (lower) rates currently on offer.

Anyone recall?
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Cannot say about the correct rate but can say that I too have had a decline from Currys on a condenser dryer bought in October. I've taken it up as a query with Quidco as there was nothing wrong with the purchase. Maybe Currys decline everything and then just pay the ones that get queried?.
Currys have just declined my purchase of a new desktop in October, although I've queried it. They always seem to decline everything through Quidco, but TCB seems to track a bit better
No no one has
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