Anyone use/cook with quinoa?

    Okay, quick question. Been reading about some pasta alternatives (looking to get a little healthier in the new year) and apparently this grain is regularly used to make a pasta-like product in the US.

    Good things about it? Low in carbs and high in protein - more stuff at the wiki -…noa

    So does anyone use it? Where do you source it from? Don't live near the superstore supermarkets but would use them online if I can get hold of the quinoa based pasta.

    Odd I know, but input would be ace :-)


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    Thanks bossy, I might pop into my local next time I'm in town. Had a quick look at H&B online and saw this -…056

    Details however are scant so popping down will allow me to look at the ingredients I suppose.

    Any more ideas anybody?

    You might be able to process it to make a pasta alternative but is its raw form it is more like cous cous - rice alternative at a push.

    Most of the major supermarkets have it - either by the dried beans or in the gluten-free aisle.

    I eat most things and the stuff is nasty


    I eat most things and the stuff is nasty

    Oh if only :whistling:


    Oh if only :whistling:


    but then again


    [COLOR="Purple"]I use quinoa instead of rice or couscous, I've also used quinoa pasta (it's often with something else), it tastes the same as wheat pasta - many of the large supermarkets have it, so should be available online - good luck[/COLOR]…rch

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    Thanks Chrysha :-)
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