Anyone used a wii component cable

    is it worth it? i have a 1080p Sony 40inch
    Also would it be better to buy it from a store or from somewhere like ebay or an online store? Would you be able to recommend any cbales as ive heard some give problems like blackouts after a few seconds.


    I use one on the Sony 40k4500 and got one from Deal extreme longger length on it.
    One prob I had is the screen doesn't auto size when you switch over it stars at 4:3
    Plus is that you get a scart socket back.

    Worth it, as you can only get progressive scan mode via a component cable (480p or 576p). Interlaced images look terrible on a flat panel in my opinion (480i, 576i = default PAL mode), as there is no blending effect like on the old CRT screens. Also I belive you will suffer with a lower refresh rate in interlaced mode as this is a nasty 50hz in PAL territories.

    For the sake of a few quid, get one and get the best picture you can on your screen.

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    Will do! Anyone know of any good deals? Preferably from somewhere where i can return it easily if it breaks so not deal extreme (even thought hat is a great site)

    Two options:
    - Get one as cheaply as possible, and treat it as disposable: ebay, dealXtreme
    - Get the official Nintendo one from the high street, and take the cost hit as it's less likely to fail, easier to return.
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