Anyone used Amazon Pay Monthly?

Posted 20th Jan
Hi everyone...

I've just had a nose on Amazon and noticed particular items are available on a pay-monthly basis.

Briefly looking into this, it's only on electrical items where the value is equally divisible by five and if your Amazon account has been activated for at least a year with no payment problems.

It appears that there are no credit checks etc but I just wanted to clarify that? Has anyone paid for something on Amazon in this way and is it as simple as they take a payment once a month? I only pay by debit card on Amazon if that helps?

Cheers all!
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I paid for the Amazon Fire Stick this way. Just click the option for pay monthly. No checks and used my debit card. Simple!
Bought a firestick when on offer, didn't need it but it was cheap. Gets charged to card each month
Bought AirPods this way.. 2nd month debited today as a matter of fact
Bought Amazon Echo's this way, albeit on a credit card - payments were taken the same time each month over 6 months - no problem at all
Ahh wicked... That's what I thought but just wanted to clarify. I wish more companies did this if you're loyal to them but I understand why they don't.

Thanks guys!
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