Anyone used Aone DVD-R printable disks ?

    Just wondering if these disks were any good before I buy some. I usually only buy Ritek dye and am unsure what dye these use. Any feedback would be appreciated.



    We bought them and didnt have any problem with them, only thing was we bought 8x instead of 16x and it took an age to burn, but other than that they were fine, got ours from Amazon.

    Ive used aones cd's and dvd's on and off for ages and they have all been great, however their dual layer discs have gone down hill and no longer work in the 360's, their dvd-r's are ok still though including printables as our mate uses them all the time using 50+ a week.

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    I have used the dual layer ones with no problems in the 360 but was unsure what the dvd-r disks were like. Are they ritek dye?

    AOne discs use the less common RICOHJPN (Ricoh Japan) dye,
    which might be why their performance stands out in a sea of CMC and Ritek-based media.
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