Anyone Used Or Before ?

    Looking for a new mattress as the one I'm using at the minute is ancient. Anyone wanna recommend one around the £100 mark.

    Difficult to know what your gonna when your buying online. Anyone got any opinions on this one.…tml

    Strange kind of question I know but would like some opinions.



    go to and fast delivery

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    Cheers, will have a look.

    Just seen this, looks comfy eh !…tml

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    Would really like some opinions on this one.…tml


    Avoid Bedstar.

    A friend bought a base, and they shipped two of the same base ends. Big mess-up.

    Then offered a paultry £20 discount if kept, even with dirty marks on it. On a £350 item a rip off.

    Only good thing was they respond quickly.

    If you do buy, 8% at Quidco

    I just bought a mattress the day before. Went through pretty much all the uk bed webstores I could find. In the end, I went with Tesco since they are doing 20% off all furniture and the price was ok for the mattress I wanted. Do your research carefully, do not trust the RRP price and how much discount they are giving at the moment as your basis to buying. Try and find out how much is the real cost from various websites to determine whether the mattress is really worth buying or not.


    Cheers, will have a look.Just seen this, looks comfy eh … Cheers, will have a look.Just seen this, looks comfy eh !

    I have this one.. it's nice. ;-p
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