Anyone used cbc computers?

    I'm looking to buy an antec 750w psu (…asp?partno=0761345-07662-3) and this place seems to be the cheapest buy quite a bit - £77.12 vs £102 @ scan.

    583 seller ratings on google with an average of about 4.7. seems fine just never heard of them. Anyone had any dealings with them?


    You can pay via google checkout - I bought a samsung f3 from them today and its been dispatched. I think they could be reliable

    they look ok to me, though i've never heard of or used them.

    checks out ok on google street view and the site seems genuine. you should be ok, just pay by c/c or paypal to be sure.

    nice price btw.
    you sure you need the 750W though? Scan often have the 650W for £60

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    thanks for the replies, ill give them a go.

    you sure you need the 750W though? Scan often have the 650W for £60

    i wont need it for the set up im building ATM but if i want to add extra hdds/overclock (which i may/will probably do) or go sli then i want to make sure i have the power to do so without having to change my psu again. i am currently using a 500w which will only just, just cover what im about to build and id rather spend the extra £20 now then lose more by having to swap in the future.

    i was considering the 650 until i saw this one for this price.

    thats the gpu and psu sorted. now for the mobo cpu and ram!

    Did you buy the PSU from the site and if you did, did it come and do you recommend I buy a PSU from their?

    I bought a microsoft webcam from this company and it came in a jiffy bag with only the inner cardboard packaging. It was missing the vital cd with all the software on. I rang and complained but was told I had ordered the OEM version and could download the software, I was not happy with this as I know others who bought this webcam and it came in a proper box with software. As I had waited 10 days for this delivery dispite them claiming to deliver in 5 days I returned it for a refund but only recieved what I paid and not my return postage that I should get under the distance selling regulations. CBC did not answer my email of complaint and I would not buy from them again or recommend them.

    CBC have always been excellent in my experience. I use their Toshiba Spares facility. Fast delivery and competitive prices. Usually in stock too.
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