Posted 6th Jan 2011
I was just wondering if anyone has used CEX for selling a mobile phone, iphone in particular.
I have a couple of questions - any idea how their grading is. I have some minor scuff marks on the bezel and back but no scratches, and the screen is perfect.
I have the box and instructions.
Only thing is the battery life is poor, but will they check that out in store?
Is it worth phoning them and asking before making a special trip?
Am I better off going for cash or the voucher and then selling it on?

I'm weighing up if I can get £160 for it at CEX or whether I should save the hassle and get £136 cash for mobile reycling or I'm wondering if the best option is £150 Tesco voucher and 200 clubcard points.

Any advice for CEX and how easy it is to sell your phone there?
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