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Found 9th Apr
Just came across this site, when looking for a couple of PS4 games.

Their prices seem really good, i.e. £19.95 for F1 2017, Burnout Remastered, FIFA 18 plus good prices for many others.

Going on the general rule "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is" I'm sceptical about the site.

They're on whois…com but not sure what to make of the results, they only registered in December via GoDaddy. But I can't find anything else on them.

Anyone used them please?
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According to website only registered 8/12/17 states that website is using a service to hide their identity.
That says they MIGHT be a scam. Some use the hiding service to stop spam emails but others use it to scam. I hear what you're saying though, just wondered if anyone had used them.
I was literally just looking at this site...
ps4 for super heroes 2, 15 quid, gotta be fake.
Their address is registered Here
I've just came across that site today as I was looking for Yakuza 6 and that site came up on Google as the cheapest price. It seems like a scam to me as Yakuza 6: The Song of Life After Hours Premium Edition is £19.95 on that site and that version of the game is selling for around £79.99 everywhere else.
I too stumbled across this site looking for game deals on Sunday and initially thought this looks good as many games were great prices considering the age of them like Forza Horizon 3 and Ghost Recon wild lands. But my concern rose quickly when I noticed Assassins Creed Origins Gold for only £19.99 which seemed a bit too cheap while it’s still £50-60 on most sites. While I thought it could be promotional prices to attract people to a new site having checked its history via web checks the next couple of things put me off completely. First they are Selling Red Dead Redemption 2 for only £19.99, a ridiculous price for a game not even released yet and second they say in their fine print that someone will call you within a few hours of ordering to discuss your order and details etc. Which sounds like a chance to gleen more vital info out of you for scamming reasons as top sites like amazon don’t ever do things like this. I think it’s definitely worth avoiding for now and even it’s name is questionable,, why DVD in 2018 when they are dying out and you also sell games and blue rays and why forest? It seems too
random other than grabbing key words for search engines and vaguely connected to the products being sold. And while they may offer PayPal which gives financial security and insurance for payments my experience is that PayPal always weasel out of refunds even when promised by the seller as they use terms and conditions you agree to once you make a payment that essentially voids all protection they supposedly offer. Avoid for sure
ahhh didnt find this before I posted a deal on Last Jedi 4k

I did notice they have very few 4k films available..... all lower than the competition - glad I checked before giving them my money!
Scam...they always take payment and cancel orders saying PayPal are holding payment.
They then tell you to make a claim against them in the hope PayPal side with them.
They never fulfill their orders.
I've just submitted a claim to PayPal against them, let's see what comes from it.
My item is ‘on hold’, opened a dispute with PayPal and now dvd-forest have deactivated my account. If I get nowhere with PP, I’m making an appeal with my credit card co
Ive just opened a dispute ive no idea how it works, had an email saying escalated to claim. Anyone had any luck yet in refunds?
Issued with a refund from seller already
I’ve also just had a payment refunded 🏻
It's a scam just going through PayPal to get my money back as they don't send the goods
Grateful, I didn't fall for this. Stumbled on it, while searching for Yakuza 6 premium edition on Google. I gave it a wide berth when I noticed a description (I believe it was for limited ACO edition) was copied and pasted from Amazon. Plus, everything seemed to be the same price.
Thanks for all the comments everyone. Glad I've helped a few others out to avoid these scammers and glad I didn't make any purchases myself, it just looked too good to be true! Lets hope they get shut down sooner rather than later!
Thanks OP and Contributors I was JUST about to buy but noticed it didn’t look right then o read your experiences so am going to bail and just suck it up and pay the normal price
Almost bought something when I noticed the PayPal payment was going to a gmail account, decided better of it and started to dig when I found this thread.
well, this has been handy!

was just away to make a couple of "bargain" purchases but, thought i'd better check with the good people of HDUK first
who said good deals dont grow on trees?

Oh no! I just bought from these guys! 😨
Wish google was more up to date, I could have saved my self a lot of trouble knowing what I know now, having to submit a dispute on pp, lucky I didn’t use my cc when placing the order, now to see how long pp takes to respond
TDR_REVENGE1 h, 18 m ago

Wish google was more up to date, I could have saved my self a lot of …Wish google was more up to date, I could have saved my self a lot of trouble knowing what I know now, having to submit a dispute on pp, lucky I didn’t use my cc when placing the order, now to see how long pp takes to respond

If you had paid by credit card, it would typically be a simple matter to flag the transaction for dispute with your card company.
I have been trying to contact dvd-forest with no luck. I have been scammed. Paypal are not interested...probably cause it's only a couple of days since I made my order
Well Can Confirm It's Definitely A Scam. Ordered Two Games PS4 Think It Was A Bargain Now Hoping To Get My Money Back On PayPal
I guess no one can see the films from the trees in here.
Is anyone else worried they now have our name, address and email?
not exactly being helpful to people who ordered from this scam site by saying "can't see the films through the trees".

at least now the site is down no one else will get caught out by it, oh and thanks for the reply, it was incredibly helpful (sarcasm) does it get my money back!
just to add what others have said about dvd-forest claiming payment held i recieved an email today from dvd-forest, it reads...

Hi "persons name"

Your order has been cancelled and will not be shipped due to your payment being held by PayPal. A sincere apology for this inconvenience and rest assured you will receive a full refund by PayPal.

Order # 5988 – £24.95


Please log into your PayPal account and open an “Item Not Received Dispute” your payment held by PayPal will be returned to you within 10 working days.

Your Order:

You can purchase the same item directly from Amazon who provides a guaranteed next day delivery service.

Purchase on Amazon for Next Day Delivery
I hope the above will help in receiving your order and refund as early as possible. Again a big apology for this inconvenience.


they had no intention on sending the item as they had nothing to send in the first place, will be very weary of websites like this in the future.
@TDR_REVENGE if you find a website you’re unsure about because the price seems too good to be true, just post an ‘is this site legitimate’ question on here and we might be able to help you from being scammed again.
Hi Everyone I have just been through a similar process than everyone else.

I purchased a copy of Ghost Recon wildlands at 1995. Purchase seemed fine however the paypal payment went to the name "Kal Galed". I was immediately suspicious

The following day I received 3 fraudulent transactions on my paypal and thought that this all seems convenient.

Luckily my paypal is linked to my messenger and I caught the transactions straight away, contacted paypal and it all got put on dispute.

Glad to say I got all my money back however do not go near this site.
DO NOT USE THIS SITE. Ordered a game for half price and have not received it. Site now says under maintenance and will not reply to my emails. It’s a scam is now completely dead, URL no longer works though i find it odd how some people were still able to access the site after the 4th of May as that's when the site apparently closed for maintenance, still if you did pay them just start a claim with paypal and although it'll take an age you should get your money back as Dvd-forest don't reply back to paypal, maybe cause the scum who created the scam site doesn't want to give out their identity so the police could catch them for fraud.
DVD-Forest scammed me for 15 quid which I'm still trying to get back from Paypal. I think it's resurfaced as DVD-Hubz, same layout, same fonts, same "bargain" prices, also registered on GoDaddy. beware.
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