Anyone used ebuyer mobile before?

    specifically for the free gift contracts. Average phone (Nokia 3109 or 2630) on T-Mobile 300 mins & 200 texts 12 month contract for £30 a month, plus a free PS3. The contract works out at £360 (you may be able to downgrade this after 6 months too? not sure of T-Mobiles terms) considering a PS3 costs around £300 anyway, once you ebay the phone, you end up paying around £320 (or less if you can downgrade) for a PS3 + a 12 month contract with loads of free mins and texts.

    My contract is up soon, and I was thinking of buying a PS3 anyway plus I already have a couple of good phones so this seemed ideal? just wondering if anyone had got a free gift deal from ebuyer before.


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    Just discovered this is actually run by which has £40 quidco!

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    I've ordered through affordable mobiles for PS3 and 100" projector screen after talking to someone on the phone, hopefully it all comes okay.
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