Posted 23rd Oct 2021
Came across it the other day but not too sure if its worth it.
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    You get $1 for every 10gb other people use of your Internet. Not worth it it will cost more in extra electricity used to allow that. Not only that but you can say goodbye to your privacy. It seems they concentrate more on making you do referrals. Don't be that person.
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    deleted134691323/10/2021 23:13

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    Privacy, others using my internet even though it's unlimited. What the app proposes it does, I am not sure if its worth the effort/hassle and what are the drawbacks.
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    I just read their website and seems it is for web scraping businesses. At first I thought was for any VPN users and maybe it is.. but they claim mainly for web scraping services... Can you turn it off when you want to use the internet yourself for downloading a big game?
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