anyone used

how are they for sending payments?
rep waiting for recommendation, thanks


Used it once. Payments arrived a little later than expected but it got here in the end

Recommend it :thumbsup:

I've used them, can confirm payment was slower than some other companies and they didn't give updates via email but cheque did turn up in the end. Would recommend using.

get more money from cex for example nokia 8800 gold on cex excange price is £510 cash and lovetorecycle only give £130 so you work it out..

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thanks for above,

about many days did you have to wait?

couple of weeks?

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going to trade in phone worth £100, anyone else with recommendation...

]Mazuma Mobile


mazuma are great send it special delivery nd you will get a cheque within 2 days

I used Love2Recycle - super simple to do online, they offered the best price for my N95 and it I got my cheque quicker than I expected! Big Recommendation from ME.

When I used Love2Recycle the cheque arrived after a couple weeks. Use this site to compare all the major phone recycling companies:

im in the process of getting cash off them now. The day after i sent the phone, they emailied me to say they had recieved it and were checking it. The day after they confirmed it had passed checks and i would be recieving a cheque. That was yesterday, so hopefully ill get the cheque soon.
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