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Found 7th Nov 2017
I'm thinking of buying at a deal at mobile phones direct. It's also a 24 month contract. I'm a bit nervous as I've never had a contract before so have a few questions for clarity. Help is appreciated.

do you undergo a credit check in order to get a phone contract?
i've never been on a contract before ..... any advice (apart from read the small print!) - can i set a cap on spending if i go over allowances with 3? (It's through mod but the network provider is 3)

Would the contract date start from the date of order? so for example if i were to order today 7th November, i'd go through the checkout process but not pay anything then my first months payment would be taken a month from now so 7th dec & then it'd continue to be debited on 7th of every month for the duration of the contract? Is there an option to edit the billing date/date the money is debited from your account?I assume all payments must be direct debit? I can't pay it manually each month?

also is the contract with 3 or mobile phones direct? As in when it were time to upgrade would I turn to 3 to possibly offer a retention deal.

Hope someone out there can offer some first hand knowledge
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See other thread this week about them
To cover a couple of things not in the thread ashmac gave...

You do have to pass a credit check to get a contract.

The contract will be with 3, MPD are just the dealer.

I don't believe 3 offer capped contracts. But there are a large number of apps that will monitor your usage if you need them.
You can set up a cap, I'm with 3 now and I've blocked any data usage after I use my allowance, just give CS a ring and they'll set it up or via the 3 app I think
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