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Found 2nd Jan 2009

Looking to use for a replacement N95 screen. Cheap service etc. Have only found one review on the internet for them, from an independant blog and it's positive.

Just wondered if anyone else has ever used them?

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Anyone at all?

Just do it yourself. You can buy a new screen and the required tools for under £20 from eBay, and any monkey, myself included, is capable of replacing an n95's screen. Much safer than sending it off to some company, since even if you do get it back, you never know what nasties they may've put on your phone.

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I've tried - but I can't get 2 of the screws out!!!!

2 of them out. 2 of them stuck. So annoying!

Eek, unlucky. They shouldn't be too hard to get out, though. Have you got the right fit and size screwdriver for them?

Btw, neat little tip until your phone's up and running properly again - use the TV output to view the screen. It takes a bit of work to get the right key sequence to enable the TV Out (it might be worth asking in a seperate thread for the guide), but once you have it, you're able to use your phone again.


Abit late i see but if you have any questions please PM us.

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