Anyone used my geekbox before any good??

    Thinking of ordering from my geekbox but not sure?


    pain in the ass to cancel

    I used them...never again! I had to get my bank involved as mygeekbox took several payments after i cancelled

    As people are saying they are a nightmare. I ordered a one off box, had emails confirming this. They signed me me up to their subscription service and started charging me and was getting nowhere with customer service as it was not even showing up on recent orders. Had to refuse delivery and initiate charge back from credit card company. I would avoid at all costs

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    OK thanks

    The stuff you get is just what zavvi can't sell, it's not worth the money and cancelling is awful.

    I ordered 3 different ones at Christmas had no problems when i cancelled.

    I Had One on offer for £10. sold the bits for £10 as the box was not my sort of thing and I kept the t-shirt.
    no issues canceling and if they had something that would interest me I'd consider using them again.

    could also try these..
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