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Posted 1st Dec 2009
Want to buy a piece of furniture, but have never used them before and it's an expensive risk to take. Anyone got any experience with them?
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Thanks for that. It's helpful, but would still appreciate reviews from UK customers, these are all Americans (I know it's an American shop - but it's the only place I've found EXACTLY what I want - I'm so fussy!)
Hi Penny Saver. Did you ever get any feedback on ordering from the Overstock in the US? Am considering it myself.
I bought something very expensive, it came but was seriously damaged. They refused to exchange, but insisted I return for a refund they re-buy the item. Was a farce to return it (being enormous and having to wait for couriers etc) but they refunded in full at the original exchange rate, and covered the postage too. However, the item was not worth what I had paid for it, being cheaply made. Whilst I would have accepted a replacement, the exchange rate had rocketed in the meantime rendering it far too expnsive for repurchase. Excellent customer services, maybe just shoddy quality in this instance - but in my opinion it was broken BEFORE it was packaged and shipped, not during transit. Hope this helps you! (My opinions only you understand!)
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