Anyone used Shpock or similar?

Posted 25th Apr 2016
Has anyone used Shpock before? If so, what are your thoughts? I saw the advert on TV for it.

Or has anyone used something similar (i.e. free) to sell stuff? Don't fancy getting ripped off by eBay.
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I just recently sold something on shpock. Just like gumtree but you can make offers to the sellers and leave feedback, also you can comment on the item thats for sale. Overall it's not too bad imo
Gumtree is great in my opinion. Shpock is also good but it isn't as popular as Gumtree. I put an item on Gumtree and got interest almost immediately. Put something on Shpock and it took a couple weeks to even get noticed.
My wife loves shpock for buying and selling - she has sold quite a lot of stuff both local and national.

Trouble is we now have nothing left in the house!!!
Agree with hassan here, schlock is perfectly fine and in the next two+ years it could be a market leader outside of Ebay. For now gumtree is still far and away the best, but I would list on both if you can be bothered
Sorry but I was absolutely shocked that shpock allowed someone to sell a kitten that was obviously extremely unwell with clearly broken legs. hundreds of comments threatening to report the seller to the rspca but he just laughed and shpock did nothing to remove the post. Gumtree is equally bad for allowing animals to be given away as bait. absolutely sickening.
have to agree with commenter with regards to actually selling items. I love it though I can always haggle prices unlike ebay and don't have to pay postage. I have never tried gumtree though, find it a bit dodgy which is a shame since I am sure there are many genuine sellers amongst the scammers.
I have used Shpock for both buying and selling and found it to be very good. Had people collect and I am happy to post at cost if paid for via PayPal.
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