Anyone used Snut UK

    Anyone heard of or used these guys?
    Have good price on Nero 8 and other software, upto 70% off, but website looks a bit ropey. Website claims landlines being connected, so only mobile number.
    There is an address listed.
    Someone asking on MSE also, but no one there seems to have used them.


    I have not used them, but they are newish and the domain is not registered as a business, it is down as an individual who has opted to keep their address private.

    Also their I.P. is a USA one.

    I would not purchase.

    The address on SnutUK is also the same address as this one:…out

    Will do a little more research for you.

    This site is only a few days old, the domain was only first registered on 10th January, so I don't think the site will have been live for very long.

    Spelling mistakes galore on the Snut site.

    Probably some spotty student/teenager in his bedroom.…4d0


    List of Manufacturers: example1,example 2, example 3? wtf?

    Site says at bottom that paypal is available to use but its not available at checkout (did a trial run as it looked dodgy the payment methods box at the bottom of the homepage is in greyscale not colour)

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    The address on SnutUK is also the same address as this … The address on SnutUK is also the same address as this one: do a little more research for you.This site is only a few days old, the domain was only first registered on 10th January, so I don't think the site will have been live for very long.Spelling mistakes galore on the Snut site.Probably some spotty student/teenager in his bedroom.

    Looks like they've spent some money on Google Ad words, as they show up on every search for Nero 8. At the advertised price a lot of people are going to go for this.

    Shame we can't do anything about it! Would really want to see these scumbags behind bars for scamming people.

    ordered something from snut uk in april still nothing emailed them and they say lost in post paid by pay pal they cannot help wished i had looked at your site before will do from now on .by the way phone rings no one answers.:x

    Don't go near this company snut UK, the whole site is just one big con trick. They are offering free download or cheaper restricted versions of expensive software suites like Norton, Nero etc and deliberately packaging them and advertising them as if they were the expensive version. Part of the trick is that they make the price just slightly cheaper than the expensive version which is of course completely extortionate for the basic version they are actually offering. But because of how it is advertised and the fact that the price is so near to the normal price of the expensive version you are looking for, people assume they are actually buying the expensive version. But they are in fact paying slightly under full value for something that is widely available either free or at a fraction of the price. It's not illegal (as the vendor will point out to you if you ask for your money back) because somewhere in the blurb it will mention the correct product version, but be in no doubt that they are deliberately setting out to deceive consumers. For instance the picture will be the same as that used to advertise the expensive version, the product description will contain virtually the same text etc. These misleading product descriptions also mean that their seemingly good price pops up on price comparison sites when you search for the "real" product, making you assume it is the same product you searched for. And unfortunately price comparison sites (and google) are happy to take their business it seems and don't care (or possibly don't know) that they are ripping people off. I fell for it - make sure you don't!

    I'm sorry to hear that, but welcome to HUKD.

    Used them twice now. Both times to renew my Norton 360 at approx half price. Some anxious moments after reading these pages but no problems for me at all. Maybe I got lucky.
    Would like to see some more recent reviews. Hope this helps.

    Hi I bought Norton 360 back in August, everything ok till this morning, subscription has expired! have sent them an email after reading abaove not expecting reply.

    I've used them for a couple of years to by my antivirus software,and so far have had no problems and saved a bundle of money.All my Norton products have been probs at all.But as always,if you're unsure of anything,don't gop there:thumbsup:

    dont touch with a barge pole, total scammers, quick way to be convinced into parting with your hard earned money.....

    They obviously pick and choose who they take advantage of.


    What's with all the new sign ups?


    What's with all the new sign ups?

    all decided to post their first post ITT

    In March 2010 I puchased Norton 360 V4 with a 2 yr, 3 person license. I was sent a product key which worked fine until yesterday when Symamtec revoked the key because “The product key which you have has been sold to more than one customer and so many customers have tried to register their Norton program with the same product key that we have blocked the key.”


    just one look at the website was enough for me, awful awful layout.

    that alone has made me stay clear, and yeah alot of new sign ups and first posts here hmm strange

    This site sells Illegal software, buy at your own risk, I purchased Norton 360, only to find when i upgraded it was an illegal copy. I have e mailed [email protected] twice with no reply, which to me just confirms Nortons view. Do NOT USE this company.

    Bought Norton 360 over a year ago and everything fine until I tried to update it yesterday and Symantec revoked the licence saying the product key had been sold to more than 1 customer

    Don't touch these with a barge-pole. I purchased Norton 360 from them and have just been advised by Norton that the activation code they sold me was STOLEN!!!!!


    not good people - don't buy from them

    this stinks of multi's in here in my opinion too many first time posters and never been seen after posting etc
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    Get on the phone to norton I had the same problem, they will give you 75% discount on the latest version if you push them.

    Multi fail bump alert
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