Anyone used telebid?

Found 23rd Jun 2008
Have just come across this site,Is it to good to be true? as some of the prices seem unbelivably low. So i would like some feedback before I get my fingers burnt!Thank you

OOPs seems I have been asleep for awhile! Thank you for you quick replies and I wont be touching the site after all the very helpfull info and links.Cheers everyone !!

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Have a look at the mse thread regarding this :thumbsup:

Do a search on here, you will find lots of negative things!

just type telebid into the HUKD search and there's loads of threads

its a pile of poop, i've used it, got suckered in by the low prices they say items went for and lost about £50 finding out its a "bit" of a con

Yeah they charge ya 50p per bid and the bidding only goes up 7p per 50p bid..could cost ya a bit of money to win something .
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