Anyone used Telebid and anyone won anything?

Ive used it once but not managed to win anything and wondered if anyone on here had as it seems a bit like winning a lottery to me, I also dont understand how the bid thing works or the 100% off can someone explain, it seems really odd to me, but im always slow on the uptake lol


Total con. Should be listed as a gambling company because that is exactly what you are doing.

yeah i used it once at agree it is the biggest con i've ever used, total waste of money

Read on another forum yesterday that someone brought £250 worth of bids, to try & win a PS3 & came out with nothing... ouch! :w00t:

Don't do it
You are extremely likely to lose a lot of money. They earn big profit very easily and they try it by saying its so easy to grab a bargain, they limit you to 8 bargains every 3 months lol. For every ended ended auction, I think one person wins, but about 10-50 people lose out ranging in £10-infinity loss.
As for those freebids, it is not an exclusive deal - everyone gets it. So if everyone is getting 15% more bids, actually NOONE gets the advantage, except the company as they managed to entice you in again.

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I found this site one evening as a link from another site and thought it seemed like a good idea so bought some bids which ran out in a few seconds so bought a few more, then the penny dropped and I thought what am I doing! Obviously I cant get a refund so I may as well try and win a few smaller items just to get my money back but I dont hold out much hope, I think you have to be extremely lucky to win anything, I should have listened to my mums favourite saying "If something seems to good to be true it usually is" or something like that, lol.
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