Anyone used the memory foam toppers from B&M - pound stretcher or Amazon?

Posted 24th Mar 2015
Looking to get a tower for my bed and it's wrecking my brain out!

This at B&M looks OK £34.99 has a cover…106

And looking at the from Amazon £32.99…per

Also seen one in poundstretcher for £29.99 (site is under maintenance at the min to link to it)

Any other suggestions?, looking to spend about £45 tops.

Thanks for any help
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I have a 2.5cm one and would strongly recommend spending a little extra for a 5cm one.

Apart from that, make sure it states 100% memory foam, as otherwise they appear to be quite often a thin layer of memory foam and the rest some cheaper substitute.
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Go for the greatest thickness you can find/afford. Item number from e-bay for you to have a look at 321652050816 the 7.5cm(3inch)4'6" topper is just over £40 with free delivery offered for orders over £50 it may be an idea to pick up some memory pillows at the same time. I would message the seller to ask if it is real and proper high density memory foam before you place any order, just to be sure. The rough guide is the heavier the body you intend placing on the mattress/topper the more depth will be required. I went for a 10cm thickness because of this (from a different seller on e-bay), just to be safe.
Hiya. If you do decide to go for memory foam, buy the best u can afford, but remember they often make you feel too warm to sleep, as they reflect your body heat rather than dissipate it as natural fibres do. If you have one already, try putting a genuine (not synth) sheepskin under your bottom sheet. They're what's used in hospitals for bedsores and pressure points etc. I'm a gimp and use a sheepskin and it helps hugely
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We got one from Pound Stretcher and I can hands down say it was the worst mattress ever. OK if you sleep by yourself and move around a lot, otherwise, within a week, you'll find the contour has moulded to your body and half the time you find yourself sunk into it and stuck. It also absolutely stank for around a month, even after putting it in a room, removing all the packaging and leaving the window open. Would not recommend at all, but as the saying goes.. you get what you pay for.
The kids have single ones and we have the king size, all from b and m but it was a few years ago when we got them so not sure they sell the same ones still, they have been fine they do make you warm as already said.
I have a silent night one and it's fantastic. It's a 5cm on I don't know how much it cost as it was a present.
I used to work pound stretcher and we had 90% of them returned they would all go flat and on double would end up with s ridge in the middle. As B&m use most of the same suppliers I would avoid theirs too
I got one from Argos a couple of years back. It was brilliant if I'm honest. Ended up giving it to my sister because we got a king size bed and got rid of the double.
I went for a heavy feather down topper it's fab. Bought off eBay as a factory return had tiny mark on fabric only paid around 50 best buy ever
When I got a foam topper. I went for the largest o could get and that was a 5 inch topper. Was super comfy, but it only lasted me about a year or so. Was a cheap thing off ebay and I think I threw it cos our new puppy at the time had a few accidents peeing on it.

I got given a 2cm topper the other month. And I barely noticed the thing. So I would recommend what the others are saying. Get a deeper topper.
Just on a break at work and decided to check my question,,and I've loads of response so thank you.

I will email the eBay seller regarding that memory foam,its cheap as chips.I did see one in dunelm for £44 with cover and straps only 3'cm thick just yesterday,but I have £40 in them "spend anywhere vouchers" and they are not excepted there,or at B&M just realized.Anyone have dunelm vouchers to swap lol

Heat is something I've been concerned about I must admit,I need to look into the sheepskin method I think,I also have a mattress topper form matalan I bought in january,only £12,It keeps me cool,as without it the bed I have (just plush top) I get warm in.Maybe I could put this on top of a topper.

One thing I did notice is the pound-stretcher one is noticeably light in weight than the B&M one for the double.

But I think I agree anyway to got for a thicker topper,2" min.

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